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Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Hey all! I just want to say……Good job! If you got up today and made your bed, got a good breakfast, and kept with a normal routine… good job! Maybe you went for a walk to stay active, called a friend to stay connected, maybe you even went into work, in which case… good job!

Maybe you stayed in your pj’s all day, ate pop tarts for breakfast and lunch, and let the kids play video games way past their normal “healthy allotment”. You’re doing a good job. Maybe you watched Netflix till the app asked you “Are you still watching?” Yes, Netflix, I’m still watching! I don’t need their judgment!

If all you did today is survive… good job! We are all feeling a little funny during this time. We are all having good days, bad days, and then really bad days. Our emotions are heightened and so are our moods.

We all have our struggles and hard times. Joe and I included. No one is handling this perfectly. We are all feeling a little weary and burdened. We are all feeling tired and uncertain. In times like these take rest in God. Know that God gives you grace, unmerited favor no matter what. God sees your worth and loves you for it. Take God’s grace, and then show grace to yourself as well.  Please, give yourself a break, and know that in surviving this strange time you are doing a good job.

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