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Saturday, December 14

How would you change the world?

After-school kids 

One Wednesday Pastor Julie interviewed two students who come to the after-school activities at Our Savior’s. She asked them two questions:

If you were given $20 every day for 20 days, how would you use the money to help somebody else or to help God’s creation? 


If you could go anywhere in the world for 20 days and money was not an object, where would you go, what would you do to help people or God’s creation, and who would you take with you?

Here are their responses:

I would spend the money on a house because if somebody doesn’t have a house to live in, they would be cold and sad. I really don’t know anybody who doesn’t have a house, but think there are some people who don’t. 

I would go someplace to get apples for people who are hungry – maybe a grocery store. Apples are good food. I would take my family with me.

I would give ¾ of the money ($300) for some kind of housing for homeless people and ¼ of the money for groceries. If you don’t have money for a place to live or for food, you could die. It’s important to help people who are homeless or who don’t have food because everybody needs these things to live.

I would take along my mom because she learned how to live independently when she was young. She knows how to help and protect others. We would go to a country where people have to walk far to get clean water to drink. We would help dig a well. Everybody needs fresh, clean water or they might get sick or die.

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